No Afterthought

I have been going back and forth on how I should say what I’m about to say. All the usual anxieties and old belief patterns have kept me from saying it for quite some time. Today, I checked my 2020 intentions and saw “Be LOUDer in Leadership” and realized quiet isn’t part of that. So, as an act of self-care […]

Self-Care and YouTube

Hello Friends!! I have been working on a three-part video series on self-care called “Let’s Talk: Self-Care” these last couple of weeks. All the newness and trying to make sure my family is cared for while we are going through this pandemic has caused the project to take me much longer than I hoped, but it is coming along and […]

Intention Check-In

We’re a couple weeks in now, three weeks since I closed down in-person services… Everyone I have talked to this week is starting to feel it. Feel what the rest of the world has been living with, as reality, for months. And I’ve learned some things I wish I could unlearn, been confronted with things I wish I could ignore. […]