#JuWriSoMos Reflections, week 6

As I reflect back on this past week writing each day, I am drawn to the writing prompt for Saturday. Really it was the whole week building to that prompt, but Saturday is when it hit me. When I look back at what I’ve written so far, what keeps jumping out to me is how much I underestimate myself, even […]

Services Notice: Extended Breaks

I appreciate your partnership, support, and participation in building up survivor leadership, developing trauma-ready responses to human trafficking that include the work of anti-racism through an intersectional lens. Your dedication to care for yourself and your community is critical to this work. To that end, and in order to provide the best services possible, my office will be closed during […]

#JuWriSoMos Reflections, Week 5

My reflections this week are going to focus on something other than my writing… This week, I reflect not only on my writing but also on the events of the last seven days…and I am reminded of the critical importance of disruption and raising up the next generation with new messages. Despite the pressures, we may feel to maintain or […]

#JuWriSoMos Reflections, Week 4

The #JuWriSoMos challenge has been very helpful for me this past week. In spite of the occasional struggle that I have to put words down on paper, I found myself identifying some patterns that I hadn’t noticed before. I don’t know that I have ever taken the time to reflect on, and write down, why I want to write the […]

#JuWriSoMos reflections, week 3

This week was one that tested me. Not only was I out of my routine, and not in my own space, but I was also struck by the weight of the prompts for this week. Had I the time, I would have written for hours about some of the prompts. Weird, honestly, because they were about feelings. And, as a […]