21 things

Dear Self,

I have some advice for you to carry from 2021 into 2022, 21 pieces of advice to be exact. I don’t like those letters or articles that meander around the point, so I am going to just get right to it…

Get specific and clear about what you want. Nebulous and undefined dreams are the ones that never come to life.

Dream as big as you want. Practice the courage it takes to put skin on those dreams and turn them into goals.

Goals don’t work themselves. Refine those goals, get really clear on why you are setting them. And do the work.

Recognize your core values and tune in to your life purpose. Notice how you define success, and the kind of person that you are. Notice how the way you show up in the world may be aligned, or misaligned, with your purpose and values.

Get comfortable asking for support, assistance, and input on a regular basis. Asking for support and input and making adjustments and shifts consistently can saves time, talent, and treasure in the long run.

Stay curious and open enough to receive the support, assistance, and input. it does no good to ask for support if you arent open to receiving it.

Find or build a community who will call you into accountability to the values you say you have. People who push you to be your best self, who come from many different walks of life and are bold enough to tell the truth.

Give back to your community and to those who cannot give anything back to you in return.

Give without asking for a receipt, give without asking for or expecting a trophy or reward of any kind.  Give because you are grateful for what you have, and what you have been given.

Get comfortable asking yourself questions that make you uncomfortable. Real, honest, frank questions. And don’t be shy about answering them.

Practice does not require you to be perfect, or even good, at it. To learn to do it, do it better, or even do it well, practice is required. Set this as an expectation for everything in life, including healthy relationships.

Take the risk to do something that is good for your soul. The thing that might take a lot of work to begin, but makes you feel alive as you practice. Find a way to do it, even in a small way.

Make something. A mess, a work of art, a sandwich, a baked item, a poem, a picture, a pile, a filing system, a smiley face of thumbtacks, a payment, a scarf or a potholder, a card, a song.

Let go of things you wouldn’t want your friends and family to have to figure out what to do with when you have passed on from this life.

Let go of the habits that don’t lift you or those around you to the next level.

Learn to express distinctly what you are all about with the people you invite and allow into your life. Learn to be kind and honest about what you will tolerate and what you will nurture in your relationship with them.

Release the relationships you are holding on to for dishonest, dishonorable, or disrespectful reasons. If the people you are carrying with you aren’t people that have your best interest or aren’t people you can pour into without compromising yourself, let them go.

Curate your social media the same way you curate your friends, community, trusted colleagues, and close family. Remember that this requires mutual care and courage, and showing up in alignment with your values wherever you are.

Notice the way your body is responding to the situations you are in, and the people you spend time with. Notice how you feel inside your body.

Be open to the possibility that this set-back is an opportunity for a re-set.

Tune in to your plate, its weight and fullness and richness. Practice taking things off your plate that do not align with your values or your purpose. Practice putting things on your plate that are aligned, that satisfy your spirit. Practice leaving space on your plate for the breath, the inhale and the exhale.

And finally, but probably most importantly: Notice your breath. Practice noticing the way your breath impacts how you respond. Practice breathing. Practice expressing gratefulness for each breath.