#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 14

Over this last week, I have had to engage every single skill I have learned to stay grounded and manage my own self. I have had to work very hard to not lose my very last marble. In reality I don’t think that I actually succeeded half the time. And while there is definitely a part of me that feels […]

#WriteWithMe Reflection: week 13

Over the last couple of weeks, my writing through the prompts keep bringing me back to this space where I have to acknowledge how I feel about specific things. For example, one of the prompts for this week was to “Glance back for a moment over what you have overcome, how hard you have worked and the changes you have […]

#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 12

This past week was intense on so many levels, I was so grateful for the writing space and also for the fact that we are not writing every day this year. When I think about this last week, everything that happened, and everything I wrote about… I am exhausted. And also, I am energized.  I have a lot of reflections […]

Human Trafficking Awareness Day: Dear Survivor

Dear Survivor, Today may be a tough day for you. I know it can be for me, though to be honest, the hardest part comes in the days after Awareness Day when the blue ribbons get put away, posters that make me throat punchy because they are so inaccurate  and over sensationalized get taken down, and folks turn off the […]

#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 11

This week, week 11, we wrote three days and in between I used my time to reflect on how 2022 went and what I am hoping to bring into 2023. I appreciated the prompts this week because they really helped me focus and they fit right into the work I was doing on the other two days. Reflecting on what […]

#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 10

Wow, the end of the year… 2022 was a lot. Looking back on it, I wonder how we ever functioned in the “pre 2020” days, when we were doing so much more running around and “stuff.” I felt in a lot of ways that we were trying to slow down, remove and release the stuff that just didn’t fit our […]

#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 9

This week, writing was tough. Not because of the prompts, I weirdly appreciated the prompts. But, right now, this time of year, it is hard to stay in the rhythm and routine. There’s so much upheaval, preparation, and chaos, that it is hard to think. For me, this translates into ridiculous amounts of time staring at a page and hoping […]

#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 8

One of the things that the prompts this week asked me to do was to really look at what is happening right in front of me, and to allow myself to feel what is coming up. This is something I have made a practice of doing, but for some reason or other has not gotten less uncomfortable…? Uncomfortable isn’t necessarily […]

#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 7

The prompts this last week were a welcome break for me in a lot of ways. I got to reflect on how I have grown in the last year, the challenges and obstacles, small victories, and the people who help me hold it all together as I grow. One thing that came up as I reflected was how much more […]

#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 6

Week 6. First of all, it doesn’t seem possible that we’re already wrapping the 6th week of this writing journey. That by itself has got me in my feels. Where in the world does time go, exactly?!?! Okay, enough of that. This week we really were taking a moment to imagine what happens when we step out into our dreams, […]