WriteTogether Reflection: Week Fifteen

Listen, this week things were pretty intense. In the middle of it, I got a chance to do some physical labor that helped me keep at least a little bit of my sanity, and as my kid would say its “so exhausting it’s good.” I cant say that hurt things any, as someone with ADHD sometimes that tactile work helps my brain do magic things.

As I reflect on week fifteen and the end of January, I am noticing that my intentions for this coming year feel exactly as they should. A little too big, a little too heavy, and a little too exciting. Not overwhelming, but just beyond my current skills and capacity. This feels uncomfortable to me, and it also feels right. Discomfort isn’t always a sign that you’re doing something wrong. For example, when we start digging up the past and trying to get to the truth of it, that should be uncomfortable to us. It absolutely should provoke discomfort to learn the truth of things. Those feelings of discomfort should lead us to reflection, noticing, tuning in to what is going on in a visceral way. Whole body experience. And then, that discomfort should lead us to action of some kind. Being uncomfortable is okay, it is an opportunity to reflect and learn. Which is exactly what I need right now as I begin to put proverbial skin on my intentions for this year.

Ignite action and change through how I show up and what I put my energy into.
Foster and nurture connection, creativity, and healing.
Invite and uplift magical moments by holding time and space for them to emerge.

As I view my intentions and the prompts for week fifteen, I feel they are in cohoots with one another. The universe is doing that communication thing again, and I am trying my best to tune in. It feels good to get to the action place, I am anxious about it but I am also excited. I know, my body feels anxiety and excitement the same but that is not the point. I am feeling both things. One of the things I have been after for quite some time is finishing a multitude of books I have half-written. Trying to decide which one to pour my energy into this week as I reflect on my intentions and on the prompts, has brought me to a letter I wrote to myself last year. And that letter has brought me to a decision.

So…This next week, I am committing to mind-mapping the chapters for my book. Working title: Between the Mess and the Madness. And connecting with my sister about her book, hopefully helping her make room for the magic she needs to finish her book too!

Back next week, rubber hitting the road folks!