WriteTogether Reflection: Week Seventeen

I don’t even know where to begin with this week. Honestly, it was really hard to settle in for writing for myself this week. I had to check in with myself a lot about that, the truth is that I had a lot of writing to do for work this week. Sometimes when I write for work, its simple and […]

WriteTogether Reflection: Week Sixteen

Week sixteen. It is hard to believe that we are here at the end of week sixteen already, staring down the proverbial barrel of the end of this writing journey… Phew. Sometimes I have to take a moment when I think about how much time has passed during these writing journeys. I know it seems silly but the chaos of […]

WriteTogether Reflection: Week Fifteen

Listen, this week things were pretty intense. In the middle of it, I got a chance to do some physical labor that helped me keep at least a little bit of my sanity, and as my kid would say its “so exhausting it’s good.” I cant say that hurt things any, as someone with ADHD sometimes that tactile work helps […]

WriteTogether Reflection: Week Fourteen

The prompts for week fourteen are all about reflecting on the adjustments I need to make in order to move forward in life and setting the year ahead. And to be honest, even though I codesigned this writing journey, I really wasn’t thinking about these questions being the questions I would need to be asking myself during this past week. […]

WriteTogether Reflection: Week Twelve

One day I will be able to close my eyes and dream ofA beautiful worldA peaceful placeWhere threats and news of warAre just as imaginaryAs bubble gum elephants and blue snozzleberry One day I will awaken from my sleepAnd have had enoughMorality will not be connected to what I eatSafe and adequate housing will belongTo every adult humanJobs and careers […]

WriteTogether Reflection: Week 11

The first week of the year seemed to drag on for about ten thousand years. Maybe it was because it was a short week after such an intense few months, or because we were on day eleventy-seven of sick child, this week just seemed to last forever. The prompts were a welcome break from it all and I kind of […]

WriteTogether Reflection: Week Ten

The prompts from this week provoked much reflection and emotion, however, my mental capacity has been limited and this hindered my writing quite a bit. I also struggled to stay focused on the prompts, partially because my brain has felt like a slug but also because there is so much going on in the world around me that I struggled […]

WriteTogether Reflection: Week 9

***Take a lot of deep breaths before you read this. It may be a hard one.*** I have been writing my way through the prompts for this week and reflecting on the threads that have shown up throughout my life and learning more about them. As I have been writing and noticing these things, I have had other things rolling […]

WriteTogether Reflection: Week 8

This week I felt like my brain was just a tangled mess of noodles. It was hard for me to get into my writing flow, and words seemed like they kept getting stuck exiting the building. Part of that truly is just the time of year. My offices close for an extended break, and while I don’t work in crisis […]

WriteTogether Reflection: Week Seven

This week, the prompts were about worries and anxieties of childhood, what we wished we had known, and what we hope for ourselves now. This was a little tricky for me at first, because my inclination is to bright side things. I realized this is a protective measure I take to keep me from going too far down the rabbit […]