WriteTogether Reflection: Week Eighteen

The last few years have presented some unique and difficult situations, while too many things have stayed the same, a lot has changed. It became clear to me that my dreams for where I go from here, who I work to become both now and, in the future, have been deeply impacted. Not just by the last few years, but by my upbringing and the world around me.

Honestly, when I started working on developing this journey, I had outlined two directions that both felt like the right direction to go. I didn’t see them complimenting each other or myself as being able to complete both “tracks” so folks could choose which road to write down. But my cofacilitators insights proved to be the perspective I needed, and with her support the pieces came together.

What came out was this opportunity to start with taking inventory of where I was in that moment, explore where I have been and what was weighing me down, and then to truly start taking action towards my dreams and goals. Those prompts and practices allowed me to get unstuck around a book I have been needing to write for years. And, to explore a bit more deeply where I had come from, and what brought me to where I am now. This exploration brought many things into clarity, including where I want to go next and what I need to do to work my way forward.

I don’t know that I am ready for this part of the journey to end just yet, even though I know that I have what I need to keep moving forward. I am always grateful for these writing journeys, they give me that nudge to get back into my writing and I find myself being challenged and growing in ways I didn’t expect. I know that probably sounds really silly considering that I typically write and design these journeys, its true though. There’s something that happens in the preparing, and then a whole different thing that happens in the practicing.

Big plans begin to come to fruition when little steps are taken continuously over time. It doesn’t seem like much at first, five to ten minutes a day, or even forty to ninety minutes a week. But consistently setting aside a few minutes of dedicated work towards a goal does make a difference, and if you look back after about a month suddenly it is clear that things are moving forward. So as we wrap up this part of the journey, I find my brain doing a little dance. What comes next is something I am simultaneously anxious and excited about.
What comes next?

The workbook journal for this journey (which will be available for purchase online). The podcast series (which will need guests, so keep tuned for this!). And the book, Between the Mess and the Madness (working title of course).
But first?

One more writing session.