WriteTogether Reflection: Week Twelve

One day I will be able to close my eyes and dream of
A beautiful world
A peaceful place
Where threats and news of war
Are just as imaginary
As bubble gum elephants and blue snozzleberry

One day I will awaken from my sleep
And have had enough
Morality will not be connected to what I eat
Safe and adequate housing will belong
To every adult human
Jobs and careers wont be thieves
Of longings, families, or dreams

One day I will safely listen to the sounds of silence
Without straining to hear the
Footsteps and slamming doors
Planes flying overhead
Piercing screams
Slowly fading whimpering
Gunshots, explosions, and body drops

One day I will not have to even think about
If I will be believed or taken seriously
Sickness or accidents
Threatening financial stability
Or some ambitious politician who never studied or practiced
Legislating medical decisions predictably

One day I will feel lightness and release
Grief will be a gentle wave
Or a dear friend who comes to visit and keep
Occasional company
Not a block of concrete around my feet
Holding me to the bottom of the ocean

One day I will imagine a world
Where every person has what they need
Where healing work and books and art are accessible to all
Where all bodies are acceptable and beautiful
Where we belong to ourselves and are believed
Where we deeply love each other and the earth
Where every person is safe, cared for, and free

One day I will open my eyes and see
It is no longer a dream

Back next week.