WriteTogether Reflection: Week 11

The first week of the year seemed to drag on for about ten thousand years. Maybe it was because it was a short week after such an intense few months, or because we were on day eleventy-seven of sick child, this week just seemed to last forever. The prompts were a welcome break from it all and I kind of […]

WriteTogether Reflection: Week Ten

The prompts from this week provoked much reflection and emotion, however, my mental capacity has been limited and this hindered my writing quite a bit. I also struggled to stay focused on the prompts, partially because my brain has felt like a slug but also because there is so much going on in the world around me that I struggled […]

WriteTogether Reflection: Week 9

***Take a lot of deep breaths before you read this. It may be a hard one.*** I have been writing my way through the prompts for this week and reflecting on the threads that have shown up throughout my life and learning more about them. As I have been writing and noticing these things, I have had other things rolling […]

WriteTogether Reflection: Week 8

This week I felt like my brain was just a tangled mess of noodles. It was hard for me to get into my writing flow, and words seemed like they kept getting stuck exiting the building. Part of that truly is just the time of year. My offices close for an extended break, and while I don’t work in crisis […]

WriteTogether Reflection: Week Seven

This week, the prompts were about worries and anxieties of childhood, what we wished we had known, and what we hope for ourselves now. This was a little tricky for me at first, because my inclination is to bright side things. I realized this is a protective measure I take to keep me from going too far down the rabbit […]

WriteTogether Reflection: Week Six

This last week, week six, was another one spent in exploration and reflection about my origins. I spent the week juxtaposing the traditions, values, and characteristics of the family I grew up with and the family I have now. The memories and stories that illuminate those traditions and values, every single one a mess of realization and waves of complex […]

WriteTogether Reflection: Week Five

This week we took a trip down memory lane, reflecting on our very beginning years and the people we grew up with. Though in some ways the prompts were fairly mundane, I knew that this would be the start of an increasingly rough road for me and several of my journey mates. It seemed a little mean to get into […]

WriteTogether Reflection: Week Four

I think about what the last four years have been like, globally, in the US, and locally. And I see that four years have aged us decades. We, us humans, are exhausted. We are full of intense and sometimes unmanageable emotions, and for some of us that is overwhelming and triggers our primal responses. Fight. Flight. Freeze. Flop. Fawn. There […]

WriteTogether Reflection: Week Three

The prompts, the writing journey itself, were exactly what I needed this past week to be honest. The last few years have been a lot for most of us, and it is hard to wrap the brain around everything. All of it. As I spent time reflecting and writing this past week, I realized that even though I knew it […]

WriteTogether Reflection: Week Two

The number of times I caught myself literally typing “that will make no sense to anyone who is not inside my brain” this week makes me laugh. I am working on trying to write in response to the prompt in front of me, which can be tough sometimes if I am not quite ready to write. Sometimes I have to […]