WriteTogether Reflection: Week Six

This last week, week six, was another one spent in exploration and reflection about my origins. I spent the week juxtaposing the traditions, values, and characteristics of the family I grew up with and the family I have now. The memories and stories that illuminate those traditions and values, every single one a mess of realization and waves of complex emotions. I finished the week sitting with the weight of all the things that I will not be passing down, all the things that stop with this branch of the family tree from which I came. No wonder I’m tired sometimes. It is exhausting, growing a family that is nothing like the one I came from. Not out of spite, not out of resentment, but from a place of healing and wholeness.

After a little back and forth texting with some dear friends, I probably had a moment. Not about family, per say, but about the work I do. Knowing from a place of love and understanding of the broader context so I can dig in when it is difficult, to rest and then move forward instead of giving up or backing down (know better, do better, right?). Made me feel a little feisty, and a bit like I could keep right on going for as long as it takes. Somehow that resonated beyond the “not about family” work, yes I know there is a connection there but let it be for now. So as I sometimes do, I wanted to pass on a little feisty message for you:

(thank you, dear friends whose care for the world and our work prompted this)

Show up in the fullness of who you are, a human in healing wholeness.

Unapologetically shake the bullsh*t to the ground.

Be bold, hold firm and do not back down.

Move out of the way, manage your ego.

Make room for the next generation of leaders to build something beyond your dreams,

So mutual healing and true prevention can become possible.

Do not die out quietly.

Dig deeply and courageously.

Grieve and release the burdens that don’t belong to you.

Rest, and find joy.

Release the expectation that you will experience this healed world for yourself.

Even when it seems impossible, do the work anyway.  

Hold onto love, the truth, and hope.

Lead loudly and clear the way for a world where the harm is only known in history books.

Back next week friends.