Centering Exercise for Today

It is Wednesday, but it feels like a thousand Mondays all strung together. So much uncertainty, so much change and chaos all in what seems like a short amount of time.

I took a few moments today use a centering exercise I have been working on, shortly after a Zoom coloring meeting (yes, that’s a thing now, and it was lovely). I was thinking about just sharing the picture I colored, but then I felt that sharing the exercise might be helpful for some as well. These are days when we could all use a little extra TLC…

Color is good for the soul.

Take a deep breath in, focus on something nearby that brings you hope.

As you slowly release your breath, feel the fuzziness and fogginess in your mind lift and float away leaving you clear and focused. 

Take a long, slow, deep breath in. Release your breath by speaking your purpose aloud, hold your purpose gently in your mind as though it were a precious gift.

Take a full and deep breath in. And as you release your breath, release the anxiety of things that are not connected to your purpose in this space.

Take a deep and clear breath in. And as you breathe in, call to mind your strength. Feel your strength holding you steady like roots.

Feel warmth and confidence fill you as you breathe out, releasing any shakiness or feelings of unworthiness.

Take a calm and determined full breath in, call to mind what you intend for this moment. Commit to honoring your intentions as you gently and slowly release your breath. 

Take a deep breath in, and call to mind your resilience, your ability to navigate through every journey thus far. As you tenderly release your breath, feel uncertainty and fear drift away.

Take a long, full, slow breath in. And release your breath in peace and gratitude for every breath.