End of Year Notice

As the end of 2022 nears, trainings and events, along with opportunities for self and community care, end of year projects, and all kinds of other things begin to overrun schedules. Finding time to meet, catch up, or simply connect, becomes increasingly difficult at this time of year.  

I am so grateful for the partnership, support, and participation in building up survivor leadership, developing trauma-ready responses to human trafficking that include the work of anti-racism through an intersectional lens throughout this year. The dedication of this community to tending to ourselves and nurturing our community at large can be difficult and yet is critical to the work we do together. 

I wanted to share three very important things with you.

First: my offices will be closed and/or my availability will be extremely limited in the coming weeks and months. I do this to ensure I have ample time to wrap up projects, renew or plan for new contracts, participate in previously planned trainings and events, and to take much needed time for self and community care before the year closes entirely. Here is a list of dates to watch for: 

  • CLOSED: November 4th at 12pm EST through November 14th at 7am EST. 
  • CLOSED: November 16th 
  • Limited Availability: November 18th at 12pm EST through November 28th at 7am EST 
  • CLOSED: December 16th at 12pm EST to January 9th at 12pm EST. 

Second: I will have openings for new ongoing contracts beginning January 9th. If you have been considering partnering with me in this way, now is the time to connect with me. It is rare that I have openings for ongoing contracts, so please do not wait to connect.

Third and finally: this is my annual and gentle reminder that January is Human Trafficking Awareness month. As the month can be very heavy for many of us, I reserve significant portions of time for my own care as well as offering support or coaching to other survivors during January.

Please feel free to reach out via email (rpointer@rachelpointer.com) for further information, or to request services or support.