#JuWriSoMos Challenge

Aspiring authors, folks who breathe better after they write but just can’t get into a rhythm, folks with a million responsibilities and a nanosecond of time, folks who can’t focus, folks who get overwhelmed by the massiveness of 50k words, folks who are super hard on themselves when they don’t meet goals even if there’s super good reasons for it, folks who are not even sure if they want to write, folks who want to improve their writing overall, here’s a challenge for you:  Just Write Something Months (#JuWriSoMos)

We start the challenge (officially on October 18th, 2021) with just five minutes a day, increase the time slowly over the course of several weeks, and cap out at twenty minutes a day (officially ending on January 31st, 2022). You’ll get to practice setting aside time and writing during that time, pausing and reflecting, you can connect with others who are doing the same, and you’ll likely even improve your writing skills.

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