Self-Care and YouTube

Hello Friends!!

I have been working on a three-part video series on self-care called “Let’s Talk: Self-Care” these last couple of weeks. All the newness and trying to make sure my family is cared for while we are going through this pandemic has caused the project to take me much longer than I hoped, but it is coming along and I am learning like crazy.

I wanted make sure I posted about this on my blog because I will be referring back to it occasionally, and because you should go take a listen (and also subscribe to my YouTube channel because as I get a handle on this whole thing, I’ll post more content and it will only get better with time and practice). 😊

This is a foundational series, and I want it to be very practical. I will cover five important aspects of self-care in the series, and hope that you will join me throughout!

Part 1 is on my channel now ( ), and Part 2 will be posted very soon.

Until next time,

Take good care friends!