The Next Write Thing

Back in October, I challenged myself and a handful of you to “just write something” over the course of several weeks. We started with a few minutes, and build our writing tolerances up to a half hour. We started with some questions that could take on their own life, even if you weren’t a writer you would have something to say to the questions we began with. Then, #JuWriSoMos ended in February and I began working on developing the next phases of writing for myself. I worked at a few different projects and laid out a few different plot courses. Got busy…. Though I kept writing, I let some of my focus drift.

So now I am back at it with another challenge for myself, because it was what I needed in order to move forward. This one requires getting curious, and really taking the time to reflect and ponder through my writing. It requires bigger chunks of time then what I started #JuWriSoMos with, more self-direction and self-accountability. And deeper levels of honesty.

I dubbed this one the “next write thing.”

I started this challenge for me, it is what I needed, so I have been at this for a couple weeks already now and decided it was time to share it with you. When I get a little time down the road I will create downloadables for this (around May 1st), but to start with the Next Write Thing begins with two weeks of reflective writing on the following questions for a minimum of fifteen minutes five times a week:

  • What is the thing that’s been swirling in your brain, trying to find a way out?
  • What is stopping you from writing it down?
  • If you write it down, what will be truer of you?
  • What will writing it down reveal of you?
  • When you think of the thing you need to write, how does this feel in your body?

This will be an interesting and challenging challenge, it has already taken unexpected turns for me and I’m so excited about that. I am looking forward to where it takes me and my projects. If you choose to join me on this journey, I would love to hear about and support your progress too!

On a related side note: I will be spending some time working on the #JuWriSoMos challenge next month to review, design, and adapt it for the next wave of folks who are interested in that challenge. If you are one of those folks, let me know you’re interested in the challenge materials so I can be sure to let you know once they are ready to roll.

Happy Monday!