Coming Soon: WriteWithMe

So close to posting and opening registration I can almost taste it!

Y’all, last years #JuWriSoMos writing challenge was just the beginning. It was a first try, a trial run, a literal challenge to write *something.* It was such a learning experience, and I am still hearing from folks who took the challenge (some of them after the official challenge was over) about how much it helped them build their confidence, start that habit, and even learn things about themselves. I learned so much about me, what I’m capable of, and about running virtual programs like this. If that was the only one I ever did, it would have been worth it. Truly.

I decided that I wanted to try again, and this time uncover inner stories that have shaped my life and are directing my path forward. So I started working on this years program, and y’all the journey I’m going to invite you to join me on this year… phew!! It will be unforgettable. ❤ #WriteWithMe