#JuWriSoMos Reflection, week 12

Most people don’t know this about me unless we’ve been connected for awhile, but I spend December and January in reflection. I know that’s really not strange when you think about it. For me, I use the time very intentionally to reflect back on the year, the goals I set for myself, and really tuning in to the themes that come through. I use that to help guide where I put my energy for the next year. I check in with myself and my progress regularly throughout the year, but this is like a deep clean almost. Really digging behind the nooks and crannies, sweeping under rugs and dusting behind couches. That kind of deep cleaning.

I pull everything from the last year together, look at it all, and then spend time sorting it out and figuring out what to do with it.

This challenge, this writing challenge, has supported that part of my yearly ritual. And I am grateful.
There’s a lot of things that bubbled up from last year that I want to carry into this one, and so far I have had three words really resonate. I haven’t settled on anything yet, even though part of me wants to jump and run forward. I know though that I do better work, for myself and for others, when I give myself time to percolate. So I am going to keep doing that and seeing what else comes through.

Speaking of percolating, my coffee has just finished brewing! Praise the heavens.

This past week was very full, and though I enjoyed many aspects of it, I am very tired.

Tired, and grateful. Grateful for this writing challenge, grateful for the people who are participating with me in it, grateful for the quiet just before the house rises for the day, and grateful for the coffee that I am about to pour into my empty cup.