#JuWriSoMos week 2 reflection

This week was hard. I had a lot going on, jam packed schedule on top of stuff not working like it should.

There was one day where I had to change my writing time to later in the day, tempted to just “make it up tomorrow” or forget about it altogether, I changed my calendar block and told myself I’d “see how I felt” when the time came. But when I got a break because my calendar reminded me it was writing time, I felt relief. I pulled up the prompt for that day, and set my timer without a second thought.

“Who inspires me?” That hit me about as hard as the second day of the challenge, when the prompt was “If I could talk to one person today, who would it be?”

You see, there are so many people who inspire me. And when I pause long enough to call them to mind, its overwhelming. I wasn’t supposed to live, you know. So when I think of people who inspired me to keep going when there was nothing left in me, I’m thinking of the people who literally saved my life. Day after day.

I ended the work week co presenting a few sessions for a conference. I got to share the screen with some incredible people, people who inspire me. I got to shake sh*t up a bit for some folks, challenge norms and narratives. I got to listen and learn from brilliant folks. Do you know how deeply transformative it is to share space, and wisdom, and stories, with people who have similar experiences? How powerful it is to see your peers coming into their own, showing up as themselves, and watching them shine? Being on the same virtual stage as people who are literally changing the world?

Phew! I’m all fired up even now, just thinking about it. 😎

Ready to take on the world next week!