#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 1

I was prepared to take the time to write daily, to dig in and reflect, to make space for my mind again. I wasn’t prepared for…well, somewhere in the back of my head I imagined how it would be to reflect and write in reflection of the prompts. I know the general pathway; I’ve been coached and coached through it. But, in all reality, every time I sat down for my scheduled time, the prompts resonated completely differently almost as if I’d never walked here before.

I know that this practice is a bit strange, especially in the beginning. To me it feels like the prompts begin more personally this year, and that’s accurate. I mean, in reality its accurate by design. The pathway we are writing through is supposed to be personal, there’s supposed to be emotional response to the prompts and reflections. I was prepared to take the time, to feel the weirdness of setting aside small amounts of time and writing. I was prepared to write from what resonated from the prompts that I wrote. And, I was prepared to have emotional responses. But I was not prepared for the emotional responses that I would actually have.

I got mad, y’all. There were tears.

I fought with myself to engage with the prompts, to let myself dive in as deeply as I could. For five minutes each morning.

That is hard to do. And yet, it is refreshing me. It is like fresh air somehow.

Next week we’re writing for five to ten minutes every day, and I know the prompts are a little deeper.

In my unreadiness, I am ready.