#WrieWithMe reflection: week 15

Well my friends, this will be a brief post today but an important one I think.

We reached the official end of the #WriteWithMe journey, and are now heading into the three bonus weeks! This is a really big deal, and those who have been participating, either officially or from the sidelines, should be really proud of themselves for making it this far!!

#WriteWithMe prompts lead myself, and those who chose to journey with me, from identifying who we are and being clear and honest about how life was going for us in the very beginning. We rambled through finding our superhero selves, what we want and decisions that we need to make in order to move forward, imagining obstacles we might encounter, reflecting on obstacles we’ve already overcome in our lifetimes, and those who have been instrumental in our lives. Then we came back to where we are right now: Wrapping up the 15-week journey, celebrating, and preparing for what is coming next.  

As I reflect on this, scrolling through my writing and make note of things that resonate where I am now, I feel determined and validated. When I began this writing journey, I knew it was going to challenge me and be very uncomfortable at times. I knew it was going to push me to think about things from a different perspective and I knew it would be leading me to a place of decision. Having a little sneak peak into the prompts we would be writing through was an advantage, no doubt, but I found myself in the thick of it quickly and rediscovered that knowing what’s going on and being prepared for it are two different things.

I am so grateful that I decided to add the next three weeks as bonus weeks, because quite frankly I need them. Kind of like a wind down or debriefing, but really more like a ramp up and a way to keep the practice going. I have so many things that I need to sit with from this journey, taking the extra time to process through them and really set myself up to launch into the “what is next” is going to be really important for me.

I am looking forward to the next three weeks where I will have opportunity to sort through, to explore a few things a little more, and to take my next steps.

Cheers to what’s next! Back next week 😊