WriteTogether: Facilitation Team

Many of us have navigated difficult times and situations throughout the last few years, and while some things have stayed the same, so much has changed. Our dreams for where we go from here and who we work to become in the future have been influenced by what impacted us from our pasts, and for some of us this may be a daunting truth. But it doesn’t have to be.

WriteTogether is a unique opportunity to take inventory of where we are now, where we have been, what is weighing us down, and take action towards our dreams. This year, the prompts and practices will lead us through the stories of our lives that are already written and to the stories we have yet to write.

This year co-facilitator Brooke Zelasney (she/hers), co-facilitator and program originator Rachel Pointer (she/hers), and other special guests, will stretch beyond our comfort zones to reflect, practice, and WriteTogether.

Who is Brooke?

As a passionate, trauma informed, and survivor centered advocate who has been in the field for 10+ years, experience working with diverse populations – various ages, cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, education levels, and disciplines, Brooke has seen first-hand the multitude of variables that affect the framework necessary to provide for and support unique individuals reach their goals and navigate their path to healing. 

As an engaging communicator with a proven track record of versatility, her focus on building strong community relationships have been a beneficial asset throughout Brooke’s career. Transparency and open communication are what Brooke believes to be key factors in sustainability as well as creating a psychologically safe space to share ideas and opinions is imperative to creating a collaborative movement to bring lasting positive change. Having witnessed the ramifications of oppressive practices in previous positions, Brooke is determined to join the fight for change. Brooke resides in Omaha, NE with her husband, two daughters, and an energetic boxer, named Salvy.

Who is Rachel?

Rachel is an author, resilience coach, podcast co-host, educator, and anti-trafficking consultant who specializes in working with individuals who have experienced complex trauma, and providers who serve them. Rachel’s work centers supporting survivor leadership, developing trauma-ready response to human trafficking, and burnout recovery. Born and raised in Nebraska, Rachel has spent over two decades working with system impacted children and families, has earned degrees in education, coaching certifications, and is an ordained minister. Rachel is also a survivor of childhood sexual exploitation, sexual assault, suicide, addiction, and domestic violence.

In addition to her broader anti-trafficking work, Rachel runs a pre-preschool program for her child, PointerPrep, and is developing home-learning curriculum specifically for parents who have experienced exploitation. Rachel has facilitated multiple writing journeys, and co-hosted an anti-trafficking podcast called “The VanderPointe.” Rachel has published a book “The Truths We Posted”  a workbook “It Takes Work: Burning Out, Recovering, and Beginning to Grow”  , a Daily Practice Journal, an unforgettable writing journey workbook #WriteWithMe, and continues to write to complete several additional works for publication. Rachel is married with one child, and several siblings who consider her a parent. Rachel enjoys gardening, painting, woodworking, and many other arts. Rachel and her family recently relocated to Kentucky, where Rachel continues to influence anti-trafficking work on the national level.

The WriteTogether journey begins October 23rd, 2023. Click here to register!