#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 9

This week, writing was tough. Not because of the prompts, I weirdly appreciated the prompts. But, right now, this time of year, it is hard to stay in the rhythm and routine. There’s so much upheaval, preparation, and chaos, that it is hard to think. For me, this translates into ridiculous amounts of time staring at a page and hoping […]

#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 8

One of the things that the prompts this week asked me to do was to really look at what is happening right in front of me, and to allow myself to feel what is coming up. This is something I have made a practice of doing, but for some reason or other has not gotten less uncomfortable…? Uncomfortable isn’t necessarily […]

#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 7

The prompts this last week were a welcome break for me in a lot of ways. I got to reflect on how I have grown in the last year, the challenges and obstacles, small victories, and the people who help me hold it all together as I grow. One thing that came up as I reflected was how much more […]

#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 6

Week 6. First of all, it doesn’t seem possible that we’re already wrapping the 6th week of this writing journey. That by itself has got me in my feels. Where in the world does time go, exactly?!?! Okay, enough of that. This week we really were taking a moment to imagine what happens when we step out into our dreams, […]

#WriteWithMe: Musing About A Prompt

Spent my #WriteWithMe journey writing time on a prompt that took an unexpected turn this morning. Sometimes the prompts hit deep, other times they dont, and then there are days when I go “oh this is a simple prompt” and as I am writing it turns into this… “F*ck, that sense of “unworthy” runs so g-d damn deep. I am […]

#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 5

Y’all this week… It is interesting to me how it always works out that around some of the most stressful times of year, there’s a prompt or two that causes me to reflect on the road I have traveled, and the people who influenced and guided me to where I am today. So this year as I was traveling and […]

#WriteWithMe reflection: Week 4

This week was very full of all the feelings. Recalling fear and comfort, and ups and downs, and bringing my dreams back into focus can be intense and also uncomfortable for me. This week the one prompt that still is sitting with me is “When you reflect on your life, what are the fears that keep you from making changes […]

#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 3

Throughout this week, I was taking some time away from the grind with my family. This made it interesting to try and schedule in writing time, but it also gave me an opportunity to reflect a little differently. Batman is Bruce Wayne. I know, spoiler alert right? Anyway, lil Batman has a problem. Like most superheroes, Batman often does things […]

#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 2

This week was a lot. WriteWithMe was a break in comparison to everything that was going on this week. My reflection on this week is this: I need to make space For myself For my family For my friends For other survivors and survivor leaders I need to guard that space like it is a precious treasure Slow down, take […]

#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 1

I was prepared to take the time to write daily, to dig in and reflect, to make space for my mind again. I wasn’t prepared for…well, somewhere in the back of my head I imagined how it would be to reflect and write in reflection of the prompts. I know the general pathway; I’ve been coached and coached through it. […]