#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 10

Wow, the end of the year…

2022 was a lot. Looking back on it, I wonder how we ever functioned in the “pre 2020” days, when we were doing so much more running around and “stuff.” I felt in a lot of ways that we were trying to slow down, remove and release the stuff that just didn’t fit our lives anymore. You know, those things that you do as you age, mature, and get exhausted because you decided to wait until later in life to have a kid and that kid has all the energy of your youth…and your spouses youth too.

But as I look back on the projects we completed, the number of days we spent on the road or had folks staying with us, the trainings and events, additional services provided, and just work in general. I am not sure how we fit it all in, especially with a full-time human tornado with all the rollercoaster emotions and none of the impulse control!

The prompts for this week were good reflection points to wrap up the year with. And as much as I genuinely disliked a couple of them, they were actually really helpful. I spent a lot of time pondering and writing, and just digging in. One thing that kept coming up was this thought about what I am trying to build through my work and my life…

I want the next generation to be able to move and grow and build and…anything, everything, whatever, in a way that feels best to them. I don’t want them to have to fight the “elders” to get there either. I want the “elders” to be taking turns facing inward and facing outward to shield and continue uprooting the systems that have been literally killing us, I want the “elders” to be in full support, recognizing that the next generation is the point. We will be free when they are free.

It is for us to break the bonds, so they never have to experience them at all. So they can become the most full and complete humans the world has ever known. That’s what I want, that’s what I am working for.

Sigh. I know we’re a ways from that, but I am hopeful that this is the kind of world we can envision and create. And, that together we can become even more then I imagine. Beautiful and free, liberated and enlightened.

That’s where I am at as I watch the last hours of the year count down and prepare to welcome the next.

Deep breath.  

I invite you to pause for a moment with me before you go. Rest your body wherever you are, in whatever way is most comfortable to you. Take a deep breath in. Allow your lungs to fill and your chest to rise. Release your breath slowly and fully, allowing your body to relax and your pulse to slow. 

Notice your surroundings as you continue breathing in, and out, slowly and deliberately. Notice how your body feels, the smells, sounds, and any movement or images around you. Just notice, and breathe deeply in, and out. 

Turn your noticing inward for a moment. Notice the state of your being, your joy and sorrow, your energy. Notice what is brewing and bubbling inside, what is warm and settled or at peace. Just notice, and breathe in. And out. In. And out. In. And out. 

As you continue to breathe, allow yourself to feel whatever emotions arise for a moment. Notice them. Just notice, and breathe. Then allow them to pass. 

Take a deep breath in, gathering your courage and strength. Breathe out slowly, releasing any overwhelm or despair that may linger. 

Take a long deep breath in as you gently shake your body back to the moment. Release your breathe with gratitude. 

May you find what you’ve been looking for, and laugh so hard the tears flow freely. 

May you grow with grace and humility as you learn from every choice you make.

May you grieve the loss and pain and sorrow, and live your life fully. 

May you love bravely and loudly, and remember who you are.

May you know that you are enough. 

Exactly as you are.

May you feel your worthiness.

Exactly as you are.

May you know and be known.

Exactly as you are.

May you love and be loved.

Exactly as you are.

May you feel rooted and connected.

May you rest your weary bones.

May you feel the fear and move with courage anyway.

May you let go of what needs to be released from this year.

May you welcome the next exactly as you are.