#WriteWithMe reflection: Week 4

This week was very full of all the feelings. Recalling fear and comfort, and ups and downs, and bringing my dreams back into focus can be intense and also uncomfortable for me. This week the one prompt that still is sitting with me is “When you reflect on your life, what are the fears that keep you from making changes […]

#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 3

Throughout this week, I was taking some time away from the grind with my family. This made it interesting to try and schedule in writing time, but it also gave me an opportunity to reflect a little differently. Batman is Bruce Wayne. I know, spoiler alert right? Anyway, lil Batman has a problem. Like most superheroes, Batman often does things […]

End of Year Notice

As the end of 2022 nears, trainings and events, along with opportunities for self and community care, end of year projects, and all kinds of other things begin to overrun schedules. Finding time to meet, catch up, or simply connect, becomes increasingly difficult at this time of year.   I am so grateful for the partnership, support, and participation in […]

#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 2

This week was a lot. WriteWithMe was a break in comparison to everything that was going on this week. My reflection on this week is this: I need to make space For myself For my family For my friends For other survivors and survivor leaders I need to guard that space like it is a precious treasure Slow down, take […]

I still have fight in me

I wipe the dirt from my hands And lay down my tools to rest for a moment I look back at the lonely way I came There were others out there working We traded sorrows and strength From time to time And now I can see Gravesides Hospital beds Lovely families Work yet undone It is hard to imagine that […]

#WriteWithMe Reflection: Week 1

I was prepared to take the time to write daily, to dig in and reflect, to make space for my mind again. I wasn’t prepared for…well, somewhere in the back of my head I imagined how it would be to reflect and write in reflection of the prompts. I know the general pathway; I’ve been coached and coached through it. […]

WriteWithMe: Your Invitation Is Waiting

It is time!!! The invitation for this years writing journey has been officially released and I couldnt be more excited about it! The WriteWithMe journey is an opportunity to reflect, learn, grow, and build writing habits. Prompts to focus your journey and instructions to help guide the process will be sent by email every week. There will be space for […]

Coming Soon: WriteWithMe

So close to posting and opening registration I can almost taste it! Y’all, last years #JuWriSoMos writing challenge was just the beginning. It was a first try, a trial run, a literal challenge to write *something.* It was such a learning experience, and I am still hearing from folks who took the challenge (some of them after the official challenge […]

Love is an Action

Originally posted 6/3/2021, today it is posted with a few additions. Listen closely y’all, I’m gonna get a little feisty about something and I need you to hear what I’m saying. I need you to listen deeply. Love is a verb. You show exactly how little or how much love y’all have for a thing or a person by where […]

I feel fine, I am fine

I repeat it like a mantra, ad nauseum “I feel fine, I am fine” I learn to take a deep breath before I ask questions that could cause a snap. “I feel fine, I am fine.” I learn to look for signs and details nobody else sees. “I feel fine, I am fine.” I learn to understand that the pain […]